Ideal Media started from a moment of clarity while lying down on a tranquil Barcelona beach one balmy evening.

In that moment of clarity the idea for a platform for stories and media, uncluttered by agendas and biases, that champions truth and connection was born.

With the ubiquitous media we are now bombarded with it can be increasingly difficult to find clarity and reliable information. Ideal Media aims to champion truth and clarity by creating media free from those things that often get in the way of transparency. These blockers could be; media which is motivated by covert selling, promoting a political party, sensationalism, or a narrow vision of the world.

With the foundations of an expansive worldview and the principles of transparency, curiousity, and truth, Ideal Media aims to be a conduit for stories that bring clarity to complex issues and champion freedom of thought.

We will do this through blogs and interviews as well as hosting in-person meetings where we explore the process of constructive dialogue to build bridges and understanding irrespective of differences.