Deepening understanding through dialogue.

Taking inspiration from the conversations of ancient philosophers to long chats over a drink at home or down the pub – the Agree or Die podcast is about having dialogues that deepen our understanding of each other, our viewpoints, and the world around us.

Agree or Die is a cheeky dig at the win at all costs attitude of personal rows, divisive political debate, and media circuses seeking conflict, drama and the destruction of anyone that disagrees.

From the foundation of freedom of thought and speech we discuss topics with the aim of exploring ideas, deepening understanding and learning about each other’s viewpoints, knowledge and experiences.

Guests of the podcast come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with perhaps the common thread of passion, curiousity and desire to share.

Through a series of podcasts we will discuss a diverse range of topics as well as developing together techniques in debate and dialogue to build bridges irrespective of differing points of view.

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Our next podcast theme will be:
Which came first: music or dance?